What a year, watch our video, and let’s talk SPRING 2015!

It’s safe to say 2014 was an incredible year for The Empowerment Project! Since completing the film in May, we screened 67 TIMES all around the country thanks to a lot of you spreading the word! Think of all the people that felt EMPOWERED!

We are more pleased than ever with how we are distributing this film and interacting with our audience firsthand. Take a look at our short video that will give you a peek at what our Fall Tour was like showing the film and speaking at schools all over the US:

And this doesn’t end here. We are just scratching the surface of what this film and movement can do. We are headed back on Tour in late January!

Please connect us with anyone you know that might be interested in hosting a screening in these cities and any others so we can continue to spread the empowerment, work towards greater equality, and help change the representation of women in media.

It’s all about word of mouth and grassroots marketing for us!

Thank you for believing in us from the start, we hope you are proud of what your donations did not only for us, but for the thousands of people that are inspired by this film.


- Sarah & Dana