How long is The Empowerment Project?

The film is 50 mins – you can allow however much time as you would like for the post film discussion/activities.  We recommend on average 90 minutes for a full event.   

What is the appropriate age for viewing The Empowerment Project?

The Empowerment Project has universal themes that are appropriate for adults and teens and all genders. The film has screened in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, groups, organizations, corporations and beyond!

In what format will the film be delivered?

The film will be delivered to you on a DVD and mailed to you upon receipt of the agreement and payment.  

When will my event be added to the The Empowerment Project website?

Your event will be added once your completed contract and full payment is received by IndieFlix.

How much does it Cost to bring The Empowerment Project to your community?

By purchasing a DVD and/or hosting a screening, you can be a catalyst for positive change in your community.  

The powerful message of this film is most effective when delivered in a community setting. We’ve seen real change when the movie is viewed with the people they know and trust, supported by a guided conversation.

THE EMPOWERMENT PROJECT is available for purchase for $250 and comes with an educational kit to help guide your screening and inspire your audience long after the film is over.

The EMPOWERMENT PROJECT team provides free promotional materials and an educational guide so it is easy to set up a screening - giving students, parents, educators, and co-workers in your community the most meaningful impact possible from your event.  

Contact us at or call 206-659-9337 for pricing information.