The Movement

We believe in the power of cinema to create social change. We have found the way to achieve that is to bring this film to communities around the country and around the world. The film is available for purchase as part of an educational kit designed to empower audiences worldwide. Click here to learn more. It’s meant to be viewed in a group setting to start a conversation about empowerment in all forms.

The Empowerment Project has screened in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, organizations and corporations of all kinds with audiences as intimate as 10 and as grand as 1,000.

Take a look at how this documentary is impacting audiences around the United States by watching our tour video.

By hosting a screening, you are empowering the future generation of strong women and men, and truly empowering the world.

With gratitude,

- Sarah & Dana

The film

Follow the 5 female filmmakers as they journey across America and interview 8 inspirational women in a variety of industries. The careers represented in the film are as follows:

The Filmmakers

Dana Michelle Cook and Sarah Moshman are Emmy-Award winning filmmakers and the creators of The Empowerment Project.

It all started with asking one question: “What would you do if you knew you could succeed?” Their answer was simple: make a documentary that spotlights extraordinary women whose stories aren’t being told.

Since completing the film in May of 2014, Sarah and Dana have been sparking conversations around the country and encouraging audiences to say their dreams out loud.

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